Pep Romany's kitchen at Pont Sec

Eating at the Pont Sec is a trip to the taste memory. Or a discovery for those who do not have it, of the traditional flavors of La Marina: The cocas, the rice, the salted ... The product; of the orchard, the sea, the mountains of the interior he is the protagonist; because we know who does it, where he does it and how he does it.

There is no better way to get to know a territory than by eat  and drink it. From the three T's, Tradition, Territory and Season that we practice, the five S's of our kitchen are born: Tasty, Healthy, Solidarity, Safe and Sustainable. That is at least what we want with these dishes that we present to you.

In our Wine List and Oil List, the names may not be very familiar to you, they are not oils and wines made on a large scale. They are small productions mainly from our territory and our varieties. They are wines and oils that have a soul; they tell us about the land from which they come. They express the vicissitudes of the climate they have endured, They tell us stories of the people who cultivate and make them. They have names and surnames behind. They are wines and natural oils. Live oils and wines. Because also in the world of wines and in the world of oils, we consider roads that are not paved to be more interesting.

That you enjoy and get excited as much as we do. Enjoy your meal!




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